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Welcome to Pawlistic, where our delicious treats bring joy to every canine companion! Our dog treats are made from the finest, all-natural ingredients to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

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At Pawlistic, we understand that every dog has their own unique taste preferences. That's why we've made it easy for you to find the perfect dog treat with our selection categorized by meat type. Explore our range and discover a world of flavor for your beloved pet:


Treat your pup to the hearty goodness of beef with our irresistible beef-flavored treats.

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Indulge your furry friends with the classic taste of chicken, making them drool with delight.

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Dive into the ocean of flavor with our fish-inspired treats packed with omega-3 goodness.

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Spoil your pup with the taste of the sea with our delectable seafood-infused treats, a true catch for any canine connoisseur.

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Does your pup crave crunchy, chewy, or soft snacks? No worries! We've got a delicious range of dog treats to match every preference. Check out our selection for the perfect texture and flavor your furry friend will drool over.

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Indulge your pup with treats inspired by the land and sea! From savory beef flavors to delightful salmon sensations, our treats offer a variety of tastes and textures to keep your dog's tail wagging during snack time.

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American Akita dog eagerly gazes at a pile of Pawlistic Treats, showcasing the delicious and nutritious pet treats. Enhance your furry friend's joy with Pawlistic's premium treats for a wholesome canine experience.

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Be the first to pamper your pup with our newest innovations! We're always cooking up exciting new flavors and styles to make snack time even more enjoyable. Explore our latest additions and discover your dog's next favorite treat.

Discover irresistible delights for your furry friend at Pawlistic! Shop now and treat your dog to snacks that will make their tail wag with delight.