Pawlistic Pet Treat Bundles

Indulge your beloved pet with Pawlistic's irresistible pet treat Bundles! Packed with wholesome goodness and crafted with care, our bundles offer a variety of delicious treats that will bring joy to dogs and cats alike. Whether you have a playful pup or a cuddly cat, our bundles cater to all furry companions. Plus, with all these 5 packs per bundle priced at only $55, you can treat your pet to a world of flavor and fun without breaking the bank. Treat your pet to Pawlistic Pet Treat Bundles today!

Essential Organ Bundle

Discover the benefits of protein rotation with our curated selection. We offer buffalo lungs, lamb lungs, beef lungs, and beef liver that promote lean protein and essential nutrients crucial for muscle health and overall well-being. Protein rotation promotes a healthy digestive system, glossy coat, and vitality. Introduce your pup or kitten to these advantages with our Essential Organ Meat Treats, ensuring optimal health and happiness through a varied and nutritious diet!

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Beef Liver Bliss

Elevate your furry companion's happiness with our beef liver bliss bundle! Bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients, these premium beef liver treats not only delight their taste buds but also contribute to their overall health. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, beef liver can support your pet's immune system, promote healthy digestion, and maintain a shiny coat. Don't miss out on our tasty treats—order your beef liver bliss bundle today!

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Salmon Jerky Bundle

This jerky treat bundle features the irresistible flavor of salmon. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Salmon Jerky supports a lustrous coat, robust immune system, and optimal organ function. Treat your furry companions to a gourmet experience and enjoy incredible savings. Grab yours now and watch your pets  live a happy and healthy life!

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Lamb Lung Bundle

Treat your pup to unmatched joy with our exclusive Lamb Lung Bundle. These treats offer an irresistible flavor that dogs adore, making them a favorite choice. Rich in lean proteins, this bundle provides essential nutrients for muscle development and your pup's overall well-being. Designed for picky pups who crave the exquisite taste of lamb lungs, this bundle delivers their favorite treat and unbeatable savings. Your dog's happiness is just a bite away!

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Pescatarian Bundle

Introducing our pescetarian bundle, specially designed for your sea-loving companion. This bundle includes 2X bird fish (California HalfBeak) rich in omega-3s for a glossy coat and cardiovascular health, along with 2X shrimp, a low-calorie, high-protein option packed with selenium and vitamin B12 to support muscle health and immunity. Completing the bundle is 1 Salmon Jerky, bursting with omega-3s for healthy skin and coat. Treat your pup to a variety of flavors and essential nutrients with this specially curated bundle!

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Duck Feet Bundle

Elevate your pup's snack time with our exclusive bundle of 5x duck feet. These chewy and savory delights provide a ducky experience your furry friend will adore. Not only are they irresistible, but duck feet also offer health benefits as a natural source of glucosamine, supporting joint and hip health for your pup's overall well-being. Spoil your canine companion with the joy of our duck feet treats while enjoying unbeatable savings. Watch your dog revel in the chewiness and savor the health benefits of this unique and nutritious poultry snack.

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Big Dog Bundle

Indulge your big pup with our specially curated bundle, packed with tantalizing treats to boost their well-being. Dive into Buffalo Lung, Beef Lung, Bird Fish, Chicken Feet, and Duck Feet, each uniquely crafted to provide essential nutrients without excess fat. California Halfbeak (Bird Fish) promotes a glossy coat, while chicken and duck feet support joint health. Elevate their snack time with these nutritious options, and watch your pup thrive with wagging tails and boundless energy!

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Buffalo Lung Bundle

Treat your pup to their absolute favorite with our specially curated 5x buffalo lungs bundle. These delectable treats offer an irresistible flavor that dogs can't resist, making them the ultimate favorite. Not only are they delicious, but Buffalo Lungs also provide essential nutrients for muscle health and overall vitality as a lean protein source. This exclusive bundle brings you the ultimate canine delight at a fantastic price! Perfect for pampering your furry friend with their favorite treats, ensuring a joyful tail-wagging experience while providing health benefits from quality, protein-packed snacks.

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Small Dog Bundle

Indulge your big pup with our specially curated bundle, packed with various tantalizing treats designed to boost their well-being! Dive into lamb lungs, chicken tenders, salmon jerky, beef liver, and beef jerky. These treats offer essential nutrients like lean proteins for muscle development and overall vitality, omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and cardiovascular health, and vitamins and minerals for vision, immune function, and dental health. Incorporate these flavorful treats into your dog's diet to support their overall well-being, remembering to offer them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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Shrimp Bundle

Dive into the world of aquatic joy with our exclusive bundle of 5x shrimp. These succulent treats offer an irresistible flavor that dogs find utterly delightful, creating a seafood sensation for your furry friend. Not only delicious, but shrimp also provides essential nutrients like selenium and vitamin B12, promoting muscle health and supporting the immune system. Take your pup on an oceanic journey with the 5x shrimp Bundle, indulging them in seafood bliss while enjoying unbeatable savings. Elevate your dog's happiness with every bite of this unique and nutritious seafood treat. Immerse your pup in the flavors of the ocean today!

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California HalfBeak (Birdfish) Bundle

Treat your pup to coastal delights with our exclusive bundle of 5x California Halfbeak. This irresistible treat offers a taste of the coast that dogs find utterly captivating, creating a delectable experience for your furry friend. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, Halfbeak promotes a glossy coat, supports cardiovascular health, and provides essential nutrients for overall well-being. Bring the coastal breeze to your pup's treat time with the 5x California Halfbeak Bundle, indulging them in a seaside snack while enjoying unbeatable savings.

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Chicken Feet Bundle

Indulge your pup in poultry perfection with our exclusive bundle of 5x Chicken Feet. These crunchy treats provide an irresistible flavor experience that dogs can't resist, making them a poultry delight for your furry friend. As a natural source of glucosamine, chicken feet support joint and hip health, promoting flexibility and overall well-being in your pup. Elevate your pup's treat time with the 5x Chicken Feet Bundle, and spoil them with our delicious treats today!

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Cost-Effective Pet Treat Bundles

Give your furry friend the love they deserve without breaking the bank! Our pet treat bundles offer unbeatable value, ensuring you can spoil your pet without worrying about your budget. With Pawlistic, affordability meets quality so that you can pamper your pet guilt-free.

Delicious & Organic Pet Treats for Dogs & Cats

Indulge your pet with our delectable, all-natural treats crafted with love and care. Our treats are not only irresistibly delicious but also promote your pet's health and well-being. Pawlistic's treats will have your dogs and cats begging for more with each purchase.