Nutrient-Dense, Holistic Pet Treats in Long Beach, CA

Nutrient-Dense, Holistic Pet Treats in Long Beach, CA

In Long Beach, where the coastal lifestyle meets a deep appreciation for pets, Pawlistic shines as the go-to destination for holistic pet treats. In this pet-loving community, prioritizing the well-being of our furry friends is paramount. With each treat meticulously crafted from the finest ingredients and free from artificial additives, Long Beach pet owners can trust Pawlistic to provide nourishment that supports their pets' overall health and happiness. Join us in nurturing happier, healthier pets, one holistic treat at a time.

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Explore Pawlistic's holistic pet treats conveniently located within The Beach Flea Market at 1305 E Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, California.

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Long Beach, CA’s Premier Destination for Holistic Pet Treats

Treat your furry companion to a taste of Long Beach's coastal charm at Pawlistic, where holistic pet treats meet the vibrant lifestyle of this beloved city. Nestled amidst iconic landmarks like the historic RMS Queen Mary and the bustling Belmont Shore, Pawlistic offers a curated selection of natural goodies for your four-legged friend.

At Pawlistic, we're not just about treats but about embracing Long Beach's unique lifestyle. Picture your pet enjoying a wholesome snack after a stroll along Naples Island's scenic beauty or perhaps a savory morsel post-waterfront dining at Shoreline Village. Our treats are crafted with locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the spirit of community and sustainability that defines Long Beach living.

With our commitment to holistic pet care, Pawlistic is more than just a store; it's a destination where pet owners gather to celebrate their shared love for furry friends and the Long Beach lifestyle. Prioritize your pet's health and happiness with our artisanal treats in the heart of Long Beach's vibrant culture.